Four Hats totally equals Superman!

What makes a super hero? The powers or the outfit?

I'm a visual thinker, so for me to get words out of my head, written or verbal, it takes a few different neuron paths to achieve this and it doesn't come easy.
I say this as my adventures (stories) do take some strange paths. Hence the super hero story that follows.


I've been rather busy. Buring the candle at both ends. 

I seem to have found myself with four jobs. Four hats to wear. Four different outfits.
So of course I need to give them nicknames.
Dough Girl.
Solar Girl. 
Paint Girl. 
Art Girl. 
It is much easier to talk about my plans and use these references. This of course is completely logical in my head. 
You see, I have certain clothing for these roles. Specific outfits, hairdos, accessories and tools of the trade. 
Last week I was juggling some of my jobs a bit. So there were a few outfit changes each day. I do a few hours as Dough Girl, come home for a quick bite to eat and outfit change and leave the house as Solar Girl. This leads me to talking to my geriatric cat Nemo 🐈 about my mad run around the house. I am starting to feel like the old Superman movies where Clark Kent changes into his Superman outfit and back again. (And finally I get to the super hero reference!) I just wish I had his speed sometimes!
Too many hats? Not enough time? 
Anyone else feel like this???

I deflinitely haven't had enough time to be Art Girl. I have really missed working on my website, emails and of course drawing! 

Where does this leave me? Four outfits. Juggling? Running from one job to the next?

I do feel like I'm a Superman/Superwoman/Superbeing at the moment. I have to be so strong, fearless and brave. I haven't exactly had much time to stop and breathe. Check in on myself.

The roller-coaster that is my life, well this year has been one crazy ride. 
At the start of 2021 I had been in a long term career. I've always been in a long term career to be honest. 

This year I've had seven different jobs.
Lived in four houses.
Belonged to a family of 5 (married with two step kids and my kitten Nemo. Damn do I miss my kids sooooo much).
My kitten Nemo, she isn't really a kitten. She is 16 years old and is having some health problems. Nemo is a story I will tell in detail another day. (She is sitting in my lap in a very awkward way now while I am trying to type and not disturb her!)

Moved towns. Nearly an hour away.
Hijacked my best friends home and family (lucky for the most amazing support system!!)
Caused my parents stress and worry.
Lost contact with my sister and my niece and nephew (this is a massive hurt and anquish and very unexpected).
Suffering with extreme neck/shoulder/arm pain (I have a high pain threshold so to say I'm in pain is kind of a big thing).
Overwhelming tension within my whole body (lock jaw is awesome?!?!?!?!).
All served up with a side dish of migraines and insomnia.

Depression. Anxiety. Stress. Tension. 
Do these have outfits? Anit-powers? Hats even?
Ok, so there is a little bit going on in my life. 

Many stories will evolve from here.


Still the question remains.
The outfits or the powers?
Or is it how many hats you can balance at once???