Make way, coming through, I have a new plan!

Make way, coming through, I have a new plan!

Ok, so it turns out, last Thursday at 6am my brain decided to wake up and kick into gear with a new idea. It started with a business card and now is a total revolution of colours, fonts and new website design. 

I must say I'm rather excited about it all.

Now that I've finished my Digital Marketing Strategy course, I am armed with knowledge. It's definitely a lot to do to remake everything again and to rework the website. But I like it a lot better. 

I feel more confident with the site and the programs I'm using to create everything. 

I have finalised fonts, locked in a colour scheme and started an Art Calendar to start planning for future art exhibitions. All this is really exciting.


I've started a regular night at my Lot 19 art Studio with another artist friend. I'm experimenting with messy charcoal and pastels. I’m still wrapped up in the world of greyscale. I have colours to try out, but I always seem to revert back to the blacks.


I know I am growing as an artist. Growing as a person really.
I’ve quit two of my jobs. From now on it’s just Solar Girl and Art Girl. So much easier to concentrate on my art and setting up my business when you only do part time hours for one other job! Solar Girl is a real challenge for my brain too. Those of you who know me well know that I need to be challenged or I get bored and start looking for more to cram into my life. My Solar boss has asked me to do training. I love learning so I jumped at a chance to do a course. This one is pushing me to recall my brain power from my first major career, Avionics Aircraft Engineer Girl. Looking into getting accredited after I complete the course too. All the steps I need to become a Solar Electrician. I am excited about this. Not only is it good for the planet but an excellent backup plan if I fail miserably at this Art Girl business.
So the plan is simple. And after the emotional and mentally challenged year so far, I really need something simple.
Yes, back to the plan.
Solar girl is 15 hours a week. This leaves me PLENTY of time to be Art Girl. To focus on the business of colours, fonts and web design. Time to experiment with new mediums. Time to settle into my own skin.

This is the first time in my work life that I haven’t had a full time job. I’m normally the workaholic kind. The “I can do anything and every job necessary to achieve what the company needs and will do 50-60 hours a week for only 38 hours pay” kinda girl. The “put everyone's needs first and burn myself out” kinda girl. The “I’m not doing enough and need to do more, learn more and be better at my job” kinda girl.
Oh yes, I have extreme expectations of myself. I hold no one else to these ridiculously high standards. Only myself.
Not sure why. Not sure I want to know what’s at the bottom of that deep dark well!

This is really exciting for me. All these new steps, ideas and plans.

I’m glad you’re along for this ride. As long as there aren't any really bad deep dark wells to fall in and mostly the exhilarating fast loops and twists of a roller-coaster ride, this is sure going to be a fun adventure.

So yes, the new designs are here.
This new email layout is here.
And yes, the new website is up and running. So please check it out.
Follow my posts and share this with all liked minded individuals out there.


And in the great words from my Dad, Stay Beautiful.

Or his latest one is, Don’t forget me now!
(Love you Dad!)

From me, I’d like to say how grateful I am to you all for your love and support. Means the world to me to know you are all out there doing your own thing, but still on this quest with me.

Thanks so much.


ps. The image here is my new business card. The one that started version 2.0