NEWS FLASH - My first Art Exhibition!

NEWS FLASH - My first Art Exhibition!

Hello dear Devel Collective!

I am so excited to share this news. 
Well, I don't have all the details as of yet. 
I know I have about 3 weeks to prepare. 

So in typical Nadyne fashion, I have started a new drawing for the exhibition. 

I've also been doing my research into environment-friendly processes and sustainability. 

I am in the process and planning stage of building my own home. It is a lot of fun but it raises a lot of questions. 
I have been changing all my home products to eco-friendly ones. I want to do my part. Be part of the change and the future. 
This brings me to my art.
How can I help the environment and also put my ideas out into the world?

Well, so many things to do, organise and research.

Stay tuned for details of my upcoming exhibition. 


Stay beautiful everyone