Printers, colours and fonts...oh my!


I've been rather busy. Learning, pressing buttons, playing with colours and fonts and working with a printer. 
No silly, not a home printer. Really, how many people struggle with their home printers (pick me, they never do what you want them to do).
I am working with Michael Wolfe from Union Studio to do some Fine Art Printing of my drawings. 
It is so much fun to see all my drawings printed bigger and framed!

I'm in the middle of moving house and I cannot find all my photography equipment. Need a space to set up a proper studio to take better photos of my art.

All this designing and creating is hard work. I had no idea how much would go into creating my business. I am glad I am doing it myself. I am learning and all of this will help grow me as an artist.

Ok, time for me to get to the drawing desk. Working on an A2 Ram Skull. So good!

Stay beautiful