Red Number Five. The fire red flare explained.

I have a thing for the number five (5). Oooooh, and I have a major thing for the colour red!
I blame my Dad. Well…………Not really.

Although I am heavily influenced/inspired by him.
Dad always says “Red Number Five”, or “Red goes the fastest”, and it’s always been some variation or combination of reds and fives. 

Do you have a favourite number or colour?

So of course this train of thought has led me to research the number 5 and the colour red. 

Five is lucky for people who tend to pursue freedom and are energetic. It is also about the balance of material and spiritual aspects that should exist in one's life. This number is associated with the universe and also the number of divine will. The meaning of five is many and varied. Five represents curiosity and adventure; the importance of the number 5 runs through every culture and religion in the world; and the things associated with the number 5 range from the mundane to the bizarre! People even use the numerology of 5 to tell their futures.

Red is the colour of heightened emotion, strength, and power. It’s invigorating and intimidating, and it’s never boring.
Red calls us to action, gets us motivated, and wearing red lets people know we feel confident and ready to take on the world.



It’s interesting reading up about colour preferences and how they affect people. Colours can have a spiritual impact and our brain receptors affect our colour choices. Most psychologists believe that our brain interprets colours with reason, and therefore each colour affects us differently. Education, personality types, environment, climate, family heritage, gender, and ageing are just some of the things that influence people’s favourite colours.


So five and red?

Well, if you know me, you know this is me!

I am an extrovert, optimistic, courageous and confident. I am rather energetic and don't mind being the center of attention. I am ambitious and competitive and have a passion and enthusiasm for life. I can be rather impulsive, always seem to be in a hurry and don't like to procrastinate. 


Does your number and or colour match you in any way?

My hair is red. Naturally, I am strawberry blonde or mousey brown. I’ve been colouring my hair for years. I’ve had lots of different colours, but always found my way back to red. I get many compliments about my hair. People always say they love the colour or the fade and how much it suits me. I change it up with yellow or orange ends or add some purple every now and then. I just love the red.


My question is, do I love the colour red because of my Dad’s influence, because of my brain receptors or my personality?


What do you think?