The Beginning

On the 24th April 2020 I picked up a pencil and started drawing.
Never though I could or would draw. Other then the good old stick figures. 
Thanks Covid-19 for reshaping my life. 

Stuck home in lockdown. Helping a 9 year old boy do home-schooling and just so happens he had an art lesson in which he needed help.
He had to draw a cityscape. 

That is how all this began. Once I was allowed out of the house I got down to the local $2 shop and bought the cheapest set of graphite pencils and a pad of paper.
Every night I would sit and draw. Watching YouTube videos to learn different techniques, learn about pencils, google info about paper and research graphite artists.

One year later I have sold 4 commission pieces. My friends and family are supporting me with lovely words which has encouraged me to build a business for myself. I have a paper obsession! Found my favourite pencils I like to draw with. Found my own techniques and tools. Now here I sit, writing a blog and trying to set up a website.


So here goes nothing. I promise you this will be an entertaining roller-coaster ride. I'm a no filter kinda girl. This means no tale will be untold, all the ups and downs, with ever twist and turn imaginable, crazy adventure. Every step done with a fiery red flare.


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